CC Global: Ford Landau (Circa 1980) – The 1966 Ford’s Second Life In Brazil


Rubens gave us a detailed look at the Ford Maverick’s second life in Brazil. But there was another American ex-pat Ford already living in Brazil at the time; the Ford Landau, a reincarnation of the 1966 Galaxie/LTD that first showed up there in 1970, powered by the venerable Y-Block V8. And it was built through 1983. Alberto Simon shot this one, which has lost its door handles, and guesses that it’s from about 1980. It’s hard to tell. 


The basic Galaxie had been in production in Brazil since 1967, looking virtually unchanged from its original US version. But the Landau appeared in 1970 as the Lincoln of Fords in Brazil. Trying to pin down all of the minute small changes made to the Landau over its 14 year run is too tedious. What’s clear is that it started out its second life in Brazil with its original stacked headlights intact, but with some remodeling of the grille. And powered by the the old 292 Y Block V8.


But somewhere along the line it gained a rather Mercury-esque front end, which it retained through to the bitter end. And it finally got the 302 V8 that was also available in the Maverick, seen behind it in this car show shot.


Landau production was always very modest, given its role as Brazil’s biggest luxury car, and peaked in 1976 with 5556 units sold. The second energy crisis really hit it hard, and in 1979, Ford engineered a version to run on alcohol, which was very popular in Brazil for some years, given its ability to make it from abundant sugar cane. In it last year, 1983, there were 93 gasoline-powered and 32 ethanol-powered Landaus built.

This is what the world would be like without planned obsolescence. Does this Landau really look any worse than a 1983 Ford LTD? Not in my book.

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