Curbside Capsule: 1978 Subaru Brat- Farm Fresh

I have a bit of history with Utes, having owned one myself.

This was found at a gas station during a fruitless attempt to get lunch at a burger joint one afternoon. As I sat at a light, trying to decide on my next stop, I saw our featured car across the way. My hunger forgotten, I waited on bated breath for the light to turn green, finally pulling into the mostly empty station.

The owner was nice enough to let me take some pictures as he cleaned chalk off the windshield. He explained that he had just purchased this 1978 Brat at an auction yard and was waiting to use the carwash down the road, as it was very busy at the time we were talking. He mentioned paying only $400 for it and lamenting the purchase somewhat, as he already had too many projects to worry about.

I must admit, it looks like a fun car. I very much doubt I would want to sit in those back seats with all that water flying everywhere! The size was impressive, as it seemed to be no bigger than my Bronco II.

The seats in the back look like something from an arcade game, or maybe a carnival ride. The white camper top was a factory option as far as we could figure, seeing as it had Subaru branding on it.

I’m not sure what a Chevy dealership badge is doing on here, but looking up the dealership, it was one of the biggest in Texas, starting out in 1971. I couldn’t find too much info on it, but perhaps it sold Subarus too at one point?

All in all, I’m happy the burger joint was closed that day, because I always love finding unique cars. I hope he fixes it up, or that it is sold to someone who can.