CC For Sale: 1988 Mercedes 420 SEL – When Sedans Ruled The Roost

These days, automotive luxury is primarily utility based. Every upscale brand offers at least several crossovers. Cadillac, Lincoln, Mercedes, and a few others also sell body-on-frame SUVs for buyers who want a little extra pizzazz or some additional capability. But there was a time when the most prestigious luxury vehicles were full-size sedans. Given the length of these sedans, it was probably inevitable that buyers would ultimately gravitate towards more spacious utility vehicles that occupied a similar footprint. But this Mercedes 420 SEL hails from a time when none of that mattered. Full-size luxury sedans got all the attention back then. That would become readily apparent when Lexus arrived a short time after our featured Mercedes was sold new.

The W126 Mercedes lived a pretty charmed life until the late 1980s. Then the Lexus LS stormed into the scene and shattered the status quo. That’s not to say this 420 SEL is a bad vehicle be any means. Many people feel this was the last truly great S-Class Plus, it’s obvious Toyota benchmarked the W126 when it was developing its flagship sedan. But the newcomer sucked all of the air out of the room when it arrived. Three decades later, the car community seems to appreciate both vehicles equally, as they should. Bring A Trailer has featured a number of W126 models over the years and they sell for around the same amount as the LS.

Could this particular Mercedes go one million miles? Probably. At least with the right owner. Matt Farah’s Million Mile Lexus could use a competitor. And this would be a very appropriate vehicle to do it in. Although it would take a number of years to get there. Fortunately, the car’s current owner has kept it in good shape. According to the description there’s nothing wrong with it.

About the only demerit is the driver’s seat. At some point the side bolster must have ripped. And over the years it degraded into what it looks like today. That’s just a guess. Otherwise, the rest of the seat has aged incredibly well. All of the other seats look good too.

This Mercedes currently sits at 145k miles. Given its condition, $3800 seems like a very fair asking price. Hopefully it ends up in the right hands. I have to imagine most people at this price point would want something a bit smaller and newer anyway. Perhaps that means the car will find a good owner. And maybe they’ll find a way to make it famous on YouTube too.

Source: Hudson Valley craigslist