Curbside Classic Capsule: 1993 Honda Accord EX – Peak Accord

We’re headed out to Port Orford for five days, so this is going to be quick; mostly pictures. But what else is there to say about what I consider to be the most appealing Accord ever? Tight, lithe, quick, great styling, superb visibility, durable, reliable; what other superlatives can we add?

This is the last EX of this generation around my neighborhood, and every time I walk by it, I wish I’d had one back in the day.

The EX was of course the one to have, with its upgraded 140 hp 2.2 L fuel injected four, a honey of a motor if there ever was one. And it’s got those very attractive bigger alloy wheels, and all the other little goodies to make it a genuine sport sedan of s very high caliber; a four door Prelude.

Of course it has to have the slick-shifting 5 speed manual. The seats were excellent, and the upholstery high quality. The dash was perfect too. A driver’s car, if there ever was one.

The back seat was bigger than its predecessor, thanks to an almost 5″ stretch in its wheelbase. This generation hit the sweet spot, before it got bigger, longer, softer and more Camry-like.

The new 2.2 L F22 engine was now a full 16 valve engine, and was fuel injected across the line. The EX had better breathing, and was rated at 140 hp @5600 rpm.  For 1993, that was mighty fine, especially given its modest weight, some 2,728 lbs.

What’s not to like?

The dent in the hood.


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