Curbside Classic Capsule: Datsun B210 – It’s Been Given A New Lease On Life

When I saw this rather fresh-looking B210 parked behind a coffee cart on West 11th, I did a double take. Not just because B210s have become a rare sight, but because I thought it looked familiar, yet a bit different. There’s a reason for that, as it’s the same B210 I shot a few years back, but it’s been painted and spruced up, and then was sold to the proprietress of this coffee cart three years ago. It’s been her daily driver since then.

Yeah! I love it when this happens.

Here’s how it looked back then.

And now it’s all shiny, like a fresh cup of cappuccino.

The interior was given a freshening too; it’s now black instead of tan. But it looks like the same upholstery, on that non-stock seat. Vinyl paint, I assume.  Yes, it’s an automatic. That probably endeared it to its quite young new owner, who probably doesn’t know how to drive a stick.

And the back seat has rudimentary upholstery; the original rear seat was pulled out who knows when; when I shot it last time, there was just a plywood platform back there. Like a business coupe.

The body work looks reasonably adequate. Looks good to go.

The B210 looked a bit controversial in its day, but now it just looks old and different, and apparently cute, which is undoubtedly why a young woman would by one.


My full CC on this B210 is here

And here’s one by Will Stopford