Curbside Classic: The Very Rare 1965 Chevelle Malibu SS Two-Door Sedan

A Malibu SS coupe or convertible, the dream of so many over the decades. Some fulfilled it; others not. But there’s an alternative for those that waited too long and the price got too high: a Chevelle Malibu SS two-door sedan.

Here’s the proof, in case it wasn’t clear enough in the opening shot. And it’s got the Malibu-correct trim on its rear end. Must be the real thing, eh?

Is it looking a bit plain to your eyes? Well, the ’64-’65 Chevelle wasn’t exactly a stunning beauty. Its appeal came from other qualities, such as being the closest thing there was to a tri-five Chevy reincarnated.

It says “327”. If it’s original, then it could be one of three 327s: 250, 300, or the mighty 350 hp L79. If it’s original. But even a lowly 283 could be made to sing with a few cheap bolt on parts.

One thing we do know: it’s not one of 201 1965 Malibu SS396s ever made. With the unique-to-it 375 hp 396 L34. The only thing that could be as rare—or rarer—would be a Malibu SS two-door sedan.

But hey, it’s got bucket seats, so it must be the very rare Malibu SS two-door sedan. And a floor shifter, for what looks to be the Powerglide, unless it’s made way for something a bit more gear-ful.

That is not the rear end trim from a 300, in case anyone is wondering.

It’s just missing a bit of trim on the rockers and maybe some around the windows. If it had that, it would be even more convincing. How many people today would disagree with the existence of a properly-trimmed Malibu SS two-door sedan? Or coupe, in today’s parlance?