Curbside Classic: Open Top Touring in a Vintage Inspired Bus

My wife and I visited Banff this summer as we do every few years as she usually enjoys walking the main street to check out the tourist trap stores. This year I found something for me to check out in this retro inspired bus.


Inspired by a White bus operated by Brewster in the late Thirties to ferry well to do tourists around the Banff area this is a modernized re-recreation. Like a MINI but on a larger scale. The original bus still exists and is brought out for special events but unfortunately I have not had to good fortune to see it yet. But I did come across this modern interpretation which was built on a modern Ford chassis. It offers modern luxuries such as comfy seats and charging for the passenger’s mobile phones. I am sure the driver appreciates the power steering and brakes as well.

As the name suggests the top of the bus opens to highlight the world class scenery of the area surrounding Banff. As you can see it has a canvas roof for sporadic rain but can be fitted with glass panels on a very wet day.

The bus was built by a Michigan based firm called Prefix. There are a few under construction photos here.

Daily tours are available we choose to take a tour under our own leg power. Spotting this bus sure beat visiting any of the seemly endless variety of tourist shops.