Cohort Pic(k)s of the Day: Getting Passed By…What?

chrisjcieslak posted some shots at the Cohort of what he called a “weird, blue bus thing” passing him in Chicago. Let’s see if we can figure out what it was.

Aha! There’s a sign in the window: “Prefix Corporation”. That’s something to go on.

Before we go Googling, let’s check out what this is: obviously some sort of tourist bus with a decidedly retro theme. And it looks like there’s another one up ahead.

Prefix specializes in all sorts of one-offs, like concepts for the automobile industry, especially new EVs and such. But they also do low-volume building and contracting, and on this image from that section of their website, I can see what looks to be more of these buses under construction. The blue and white one in front looks to be the same thing, and I suspect the ones in front are in progress.

They also have a “store” with high performance parts and stuff, much of it Viper-related. The priciest item is this Viper gen V 9.0 L Xtreme engine, for…$26,650. And that’s with your trade in, as this is essentially a rebuild with lots of new parts, one assumes.

So we’ve solved the mystery, except for just where these blue buses will end up. Anyone know?