Curbside Credibility: Is This a Real Cobra?


Just saw this spectacular machine out in the parking lot of the office complex at work. I’ve seen a number of replica Cobras, licensed and otherwise, on the street. But this one looks real to me. Is it an actual Shelby AC Cobra 427? Have I just found one of these legendary machines at the Curbside? I’d hate to waste a full CC on an impostor, so I leave it to you. Are we looking at the genuine item?

Read on for more evidence.


427 cubic inches of Ford power and torque on a ninety inch wheelbase. Four wheels, a mighty engine and a place to hang on. I’ve seen many styles of pipes on Cobras, is this original?


A proper sixties British interior, with a full set of Smiths gauges. That’s a Cobra logo on the steering wheel, and on the carpets. Correct shifter? Handbrake? Upholstery?


How much is one of these “427 Ford Cobra” badges on the reproduction market?


Sorry about my crummy phone camera technique here, but that’s weathered red paint on the nose badge. Real, or ‘pre-distressed’? (Obviously the body’s been painted recently.)

photo3 (1)

Proper racing gas cap too. (I think.)

photo6 (1)

Are these original hood latch handles? I’ll be a rivet-counter: is 29 correct?

photo1 (1)

If it’s not the real thing, this is a most excellent reproduction. Either Carroll Shelby built this car in the late 1960s and it has some real stories to tell, or today’s finest craftsmen and technology have created an excellent duplicate. Could you tell from behind the wheel?  How much would the difference matter to you? Either way, there is nothing like a Cobra.