QOTD: What Car And Powertrain Would You Marry?


On a nice warm summer day when I should be working outside, I am typing away on the computer.

Doing so does allow one to refocus their otherwise addled brain.  A certain carburetor sitting atop a Ford FE engine is where I should be directing my focus. Instead, I’m pondering engine swaps.

My ’63 Galaxie has developed a hard (next to impossible) to start problem when the engine is cold.  There is spark and there is fuel – that leaves only the carburetor, a device whose internal workings possess a much greater mystery to me than does than the female reproductive system.  I suppose I do have more experience with one than the other.


All this jaw-flapping does lead somewhere; it actually leads to this ’62 Galaxie.

This spring, I met our very own Tom Klockau in Hannibal, Missouri, for the annual Loafers Car Show.  As I was driving up Route 19 between the little burgs of Perry and New London, I was behind this Galaxie.  This car had me curious.  Despite driving 70 mph (or so) on this two-lane road, I was not catching up with this Galaxie.  Upon arriving at the interchange of Route 19 with US 61, the Galaxie had to wait for oncoming traffic, allowing me a better look.  A single romp on the accelerator of the Galaxie indicated something was a bit different.


At the show, a quick peek under the hood explained it all.  In place of the 292 or 352 V8 it likely had originally, somebody had worked some magic by installing a Ford 4.6 liter V8 from a late model Ford Crown Victoria.  It even still has its four-speed automatic transmission.  It’s a twist upon the Ecoboost Edsel.

I’m not ordinarily a fan of re-powering serviceable vehicles, but for all I know it may have been divorced from its engine many moons ago.  It is far preferable to see a car repurposed than discarded.

During my futile attempts to diagnose a carburetor, the idea of such a swap is an intriguing thought.  Yes, such a swap would require a myriad of other unique challenges but it still intrigues the idealistic part of my brain.

So here’s the question:  What engineless car would you like to marry with what power train?  There is a substantial penalty for using a Chevrolet 350 as your power source!