Dealer Classics Capsule: Observing Local Customs

Custom trucks and lowriders are definitely not my bag, but there’s no denying that seeing a dealership / workshop that specializes in these is something to behold – and take a couple pictures of. This place I discovered recently seems to be chiefly concerned with pickup trucks, both JDM and American. Not much to say about these, so I’ll just let the pictures do the talking.

Nice little orange Toyota P30 Publica pickup in the back, there. Those were made from 1969 to 1988, outlasting the original saloon base by a decade. I wish I could have investigated further, but my nonexistent Japanese is not helping me in these sorts of situations. Besides, this was the workshop. I saw that there was another array of weird-looking vehicles down the road, which was the dealership.

Quite a strange mix, isn’t it? And the number of these things was pretty impressive, too. This is all located in a fairly out of the way part of Japan, yet there is a customer base for these. I hope that, unlike their wares, this workshop is doing better than just barely scraping by.

This side of the forecourt had a few pickups that looked less modified – and quite nice. The Nissan 720 was especially sweet, after all those sunken trucks with their bellies touching the tarmac. If this had been a classic car dealer, I would have tried to Google-translate my way into the place for a closer look. But as it wasn’t, I merely skimmed the surface. Ah well. Better luck next time!


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