The Olson’s Chrysler Turbine Car Story – And Other Hot Links To Turbine Car “Ownership”

A while ago my mom found something that was rather interesting while looking at stuff that I might be interested in: On a old but recently updated webpage was a story about a family who got to to experience the 1963 Chrysler Turbine car for a few months during the main stages of the Chrysler Turbine Car program, and it was told from the view of Mark Olson. Mark was a teenager at the time and his father Alden Olson was chosen to be the 160th user during the program, and Mark didn’t just write his experience down, but made an entire website dedicated to the Chrysler Turbine Car.

He was also able to find stories of owner #57 and owner #127 (Check these out too!), as well as lots of classic brochures, pictures and articles from the time about the car, including lots of information on Chrysler’s Turbine Program as a whole. After a longer look into the website I became so impressed with the amount of information and history on the Turbine Program that I knew I had to share it, it’s an old website but with lots of interesting and amazing information that shouldn’t be overlooked, and it’s fun just to scroll though if you really want to have an in-depth look at the Chrysler Turbine Car and the program in general.

The link to the Olson story is Here

The link to the main page of the website is Here

The link to the two articles of owner #57 and #127 are Here