Vintage Brochure Photo: 1983 Plymouth Caravelle Two-Door Coupe – An Alien And Now Extinct(?) Species

This Canadian Caravelle coupe is of course another one of those many north-of-the-border alternate reality-mobiles, as there never was a Caravelle coupe in the US, and the sedan didn’t arrive until 1985. The Caravelle name had been in use up these for a while, gracing what we knew as the Dodge Diplomat. In 1982, when the US market Dodge 400 arrived, it was given the Caravelle name in Canada, and that’s what you’re looking at here.

As to it’s being extinct, according to one source on the web, there’s not one single ’83 Caravelle coupe left in Canada. Get out the hankies.

When the K-Body version of the Caravelle appeared, the M-Body Caravelle had to add “Salon” in order to distinguish between them.

Here’s another look at it. Your career is on the rise. Your family is growing…