In Motion Classics: Courtesy of The General


I love my CC, but I lead a relatively sedentary lifestyle so I try to walk around as much as I can. One benefit to this is the opportunity to capture CCs in action. While perusing my pics, I’ve found a bunch of classics in motion (or stuck in congestion) so I’m going to be posting the occasional set in honour of them. First up is a 1962 Buick Electra. I see this one in use occasionally and it is an exceedingly handsome addition to Melbourne’s roads. It’s still in left-hand drive, which is now fully registerable on our RHD roads, but if (when) I get a US CC its going to be a right-hooker. That’s just me.


I was literally chasing after this 1968 Cadillac and it still frustrates me that I couldn’t get the front edge of the car in the shot. We’ve covered this model in white and in a gnarly black as well. I could go on forever about this shape (and I will when I find one for a full Curbside Classic profile), but suffice to say the 1967/68 Cadillacs are among the most handsome bodies to have ever graced the tarmac. Ever.


I take my pics on a HTC smartphone. It’s taken me a while to master the delay between pressing the shutter-release button and the ‘shutter’ actually ‘releasing’. And sometimes the result has been shots like this. Still, I think it’s managed to capture this customised 1946 Cadillac Sedan ‘expressionistically’, so I’m going to pretend this cropping was deliberate. This specific model hasn’t had coverage on CC, but you’ll find a similarly shaped 1941 sedan here.

I don’t see many US GM cars driving over here, and when I do I get the same buzz as seeing a Euroxotic. Anyway, that’s what The General has brought me for now. Stay tuned for further episodes of In Motion Classics.