CC Cinema: General Electric (GE) Promotional Video on Urban Transit – 1952

Another Youtube guilty pleasure popped up this week – this is a GE promotional video from circa 1952.  In it the company discusses the challenges of urban transportation and various options to smooth traffic into and out of urban areas.  Not surprisingly, electric trolley buses and light rail are spotlighted – GE was a major supplier of electrical components for mass transit vehicles.

The issue is still valid today but I enjoyed the film more for its color photography and multitude of post-war autos, buses, and trolleys.  Most of it looks to have been filmed in Los Angeles – you can see the yellow/green/white livery of the old LA Transit Lines; one of the many private transit companies that were consolidated into the LAMTA in 1958.  It’s a nice twenty minute sketch of the hustle and bustle of a major city in the early Fifties – in vibrant color during a period that we tend to remember as being in black and white.