Cohort Pic(k) of the Day: El Camino Laguna – Like It Should Have Looked In The First Place

Corey Behrens’ finds in the Netherlands keep on showing up at the Cohort, and this one cannot be denied. We are feasting our eyes on a Chevy El Camino, that’s been Lagunaized. As in having the Endura front end of a ’73-’74 Chevelle Laguna replace the original front end, which was never a thing of beauty, to put it mildly. This works so much better, and it’s hardly surprising, considering that the Laguna front end very much resembles the conventional front originally planned for the ’73 Chevelle family.

Here’s how they were intended to look. I seem to remember reading that the ’73 A-Bodies were originally intended to arrive in 1972, and thus without the 5 mile bumpers.

But due to strikes and/or other reasons, they were delayed to 1973, and had to have this rather crude front end cobbled up.

But by making a soft Endura version of the original design for the top-tier Laguna, one could enjoy the designers’ intention for a price.

And here one of them has found a home on an El Camino, undoubtedly not for the first time. I’m a bit surprised they didn’t offer it as a top tier variant of the Elky.

Unfortunately, the back bumper doesn’t exactly match with the front, but then that was the case with the Laguna.

And for good measure, here’s an original El Camino Corey found over there too. It’s nice to know that these Colonnade El Caminos are finding good homes in the Netherlands.



CC 1976 Chevrolet Laguna S-3: A Beach Too Far  JP Cavanaugh