Vintage Video: Jefferson City, Missouri, in 1958

This video sort of fell into my lap, as it was posted to the Facebook page of a local old car club.

Starting off at the Missouri State Capital Building, it then jumps to the railroad depot, next to the US 54/63 bridge over the Missouri River (built around 1955), and finally the state penitentiary (which opened in 1836 and operated until 2004).  All four of these are still in operation although the prison is now a museum and an additional bridge has been built over the river.  Many of the buildings that are seen, primarily the houses, are still there.

On the other hand, it’s doubtful anyone will ever again see a forward look Chrysler convertible in front of the capital building nor a ’58 Edsel parked next to a ’58 Buick at the depot.

These four locations aren’t that far apart.  Here’s a map showing the location of each.  Happy spotting; this video is overflowing!