CC Outtake From Thailand: Bizarre Falcon–Cougar Mashup

(first posted 12/19/2012. It’s bizarre enough to see the light of day again)  Tim in Thailand sent me these pictures, asking if I knew what this car was, as he’s considering buying it. He recognized the Cougar front end, but thought the rest of the car might have been an old Toyota Crown. No, it’s all Ford, but what an unusual pairing: a 1967 Cougar front end on a 1966-up Falcon four-door body. And the two seem to have mated quite successfully, with the Cougar front end looking like it was made to fit. Well, the ’66 Falcon was often referred to as a four-door Mustang, so why not a Cougar?

The rear end is a bit less successful. A second pair of Falcon taillights have been crudely implanted. Actually, the inner pair is slightly different; one of our experts will tell us what it’s from.

This mish-mash obviously originated in Australia, given the right hand drive. But I’m quite certain that dash is not original, or the seats.

Here’s the final picture, not that it tells us much. OK, so are the front ends of the Falcon and Cougar really the same width?