“World’s Most Dangerous Roads” Outtake: Inches Away from Plummeting Down A Vast Cliff In The Himalayas

I’m still not quite finished with the large number of “World’s Most Dangerous Roads” documentaries on Youtube. The most recent one was the famous and treacherous Leh-Manali Highway, which winds through the Himalayas at an average altitude of 13,000′ (4,000 m) and its highest elevation is 17,480′ (5,328 m). It’s open only for six months of the year and is the vital connection between Leh, in Ladakh and Manali, in Himachal Pradesh.

In this scene, the featured truck drivers are guiding traffic around their truck, and it’s a tight fit. Due to the fog, the vast drop off on the right is not visible, but it’s very much there. And this tanker truck just flirted with a plummet to the bottom, which does happen all-too often. Only about half of his inside tire is still in contact with the pavement.

Maybe I’m just being a worry wart, but that looked like a mighty close call.

Here’s the whole thing, if you’re so inclined.