CC Clue: Ask And You Shall Receive

Well, I sure as hell asked, in my inimitable moody way, and I’ve received a number of new submissions today. And they have really made my day end on a high note. It’s very heartening to see folks stepping up and putting out to make CC truly a collaborative site. And so this is our first Clue by a new writer. Bravo! It’s small, but we don’t want to make it too easy. And you do all know how to make the visual images on your screen bigger (or smaller) by hitting CTRL and the + or – key. I only stumbled on that recently, I’m embarrassed to say.

The ’59 Fury went to majo8, on the first guess. Congratulations. Onwards and upwards with CC!

Update: Talk about an embarrassment of riches; this Clue is not the ’59 Mercury that longrooffan just posted. It’s going to be a full day!