CC Clue (Easier Now)

The Clue is back. I should have done it for the LeMans, but I’ve been re-posting these old CC re-runs a bit impulsively and suddenly. And we’re not going to clue the 1971 small car comparison, because some will know how that comes out. Or we could do it on the honor system?

But I will definitely Clue all new Curbside Classics. I haven’t actually started writing this one yet, so that will give you a couple of days to ponder. Things are happening quickly here at CC, folks are beginning to find us, and there’s much to do, but I’m having a ball!

BTW, nobody got the Fairmont. Score: Paul 1; You 0. That won’t last.

Update: That was ridiculously obscure. We’ll try this for a while, and see whether any of our hardcore sleuths have found us yet. Otherwise, we’ll keep making it easier.