CC Clue/QOTD: What Is It, And Have You Seen A Worse Craigslist Listing Picture?

Taking pictures of cars you see in traffic and parked on the street can be hard. You don’t want to draw attention, lest some passerby or car owner think you are up to no good. As a result, sometimes you end up with an imperfect photo, perhaps a touch blurry or maybe not from the best angle. But what happens when the car you are photographing is in your driveway, it belongs to you, and you are trying to find somebody to buy it? Don’t you want to sell it?! I present to you the worst Craigslist listing photo I’ve ever seen. Have you seen a worse one?

At least you can tell what this one is… although the seller calls it a Cavalier!

We’ve all seen an atrocious Craigslist photo of a car. You would think sellers would take the time to park the car somewhere open and well-lit and get some good photos of the interior and exterior. After all, they’re trying to find somebody who will fork over the money to buy their car. If you miss crucial angles or cut vast swathes of the car out of your photos, does that not suggest to prospective buyers that you have something to hide?

Some sellers appear not to have ill will but, rather, a certain technological ineptitude. They leave the phone in portrait mode, for example. Or the flash goes off in their garage. Maybe it’s dusk and the photo becomes too grainy. But the photo at the top is truly the most bafflingly bad listing photo I’ve seen, to the point where it’s hard to tell what the car even is.

I found it while looking for an interior shot of a car I’m featuring tomorrow, which a friend of mine actually took good photos of. So, answer me these questions: what is the mystery car, and what was the worst listing photo you’ve seen?