In-Motion Outtake: 1973 Chevrolet Laguna – The Consolation Prize

Having my camera ready to shoot at any moment is not a talent I possess.  Things are only made harder when driving; at least I was stopped so I could see this coming.

It’s too bad about lacking such talent; on this same trip to Kansas City I also missed a delightfully clapped out ’78 Ford LTD, a 1950s era Chevrolet panel van, and a ’63 Thunderbird.  All were in motion.  This Laguna, a consolation prize of sorts, is certainly nothing to sneeze at.

Since I could only squeeze off one shot, let’s crop it for a better view.  Here’s a more in-depth article about the Laguna.

Found at the corner of Broadway and 31st Street, Kansas City, Missouri

May 24, 2017