Cohort Sighting: 1941 Buick

12982841595_00bfa90922_zPhoto by returnoftheyeti

Today this car caught my eye. I think it’s a Buick (correct me if I’m wrong).


As you can see, there’s not much left. I feel a little bit like this car, having just been told that my contract has ended.


Much like this old straight eight, COBOL is rapidly becoming a relic of the past, and despite the fact that I’ve striven stay up to date, the folks looking at resumes want to see the IT versions of V8 power and automatic transmissions.


But unlike our featured car, which was left to rot in the woods outside of Portola, CA, I can move. One of the hard things is managing a parent with dementia from 1,000 miles away, but now I have a chance to rectify that. Gut check time, I know. I’m still debating how to update my CV to reflect the fact that I use my keyboard for more than code (the good news is that my Elvis book is done!).

Despite the fact that it looks ready to go back to the woods, that blue wire shows that someone has tried a resuscitation effort–maybe I’ll get lucky that way as well.