CC Outtake: Toycedes? Mercota? Mercedenso?


I saw a nice shiny 4Runner near my studio the other day and headed to take a gander.  I did a double-take when I noticed the “TURBO diesel” badge on the rear as I had never heard of any 4Runners being such equipped.  Then I saw the Yota-Benz logo and was further puzzled.


From the back, apart from the turbo badge, it appears to be a first-gen 4Runner with t-tops.  Not at all an uncommon sight around Oregon.  I could only guess as to what was in the engine bay until a few nights ago when the hood was up:


Sure enough it’s a venerable 5-cylinder MB diesel; a swap I had never heard of, unlike the common 350 swap.  And according to Wiki, no Turbo diesel 4Runners were sold in the United States, although they were available in many parts of the globe.  How many Yota-Benzes do you think are out there?

While we’re on the subject of interesting 4Runners, here’s a real gem just a few parking spots away from the Yota-Benz:


I haven’t seen this one in the business park for a while, so it may be long gone by now, whereas the Yota-Benz is still a work-in-progress for one of my neighbors.  I Googled “4Runner Diamond edition” and found nothing like this one.