CC Cohort: The Sampler Plate

Another smorgasbord of CC finds have appeared at the CC Cohort Flckr page, so let’s have a sampler. Needless to say, these Mercedes coupes always touch an appreciative nerve with me (who not?). This one was shot by channaher, and he says it’s a 250SE. I can’t make out the numbers on the deck, but the chrome side molding was only put on the W112 300SE. Of course, many lesser W111s have undoubtedly been graced by that addition, despite it being maybe a bit much. Either way, it’s a gem, and a W111 will be coming to CC one of these days.

No sooner do I show you our first BMC ADO 16, the MG 1100 in my Christmas Walk, then the irrepressible Bryce pops back with the even rarer Wolseley version. Nice find, and it’s in cherry condition too, with only 69k km on the odometer.

Our own Laurence Jones not only lives in CC Heaven (Bay Area), but his photography is always stunning. He’s got several of his most recent finds up, some of which will likely appear as CCs. This 1956 Chrysler wagon is a knock-out.

Love the setting of this ’84 Mustang, with its proud new owner. stembre, the photographer, says it’s his second son’s first car. Just the thing to traverse the wide open spaces of…somewhere out west.

Speaking of Mustangs, here’s a slightly battle-weary ’73. Not exactly the thing to set one’s heart on fire or inspire a restoration, but someone loves it. I’m glad of that; every car needs someone to love it, and it wouldn’t be me, for this one. Shot by channaher.

I’ve been wanting to find a ’73 Coronet for years, to make my personal auto-biography more complete. mobilene sends this ’73 Plymouth Satellite, which is mighty close.  Anyone seen the Coronet version?

Well, if this has whetted your appetite, head on over for the full course. And thanks, all you CCC contributors.