CC Cohort Outtake: Envoy Special – A Vauxhall Victor By Another Name

Envoy Special 1

Cohort contributor whatnext2010 has come across what must be a spectacularly rare street find with this Envoy Special. The Envoy marque was exclusive to Canada and it allowed Chevrolet-Buick dealerships to sell their own versions of the British Vauxhalls available at Pontiac dealers. This particular one is based off the 1964-1967 Vauxhall Victor 101 or FC series. The Envoy is visually differentiated by the use of the British market’s sporty VX4/90 trim (but not the performance equipment).


This generation of Envoy has a very low survival rate even among collectors of British oddball cars. Perhaps it is because the styling is very understated and certainly less dramatic than the previous F-series and FB designs. The British Columbia license plate gives a hint as to why it has survived in such fantastic condition. Western Canada and in particular southern areas of British Columbia have what is probably the best climate in Canada for preserving old cars.


Envoy Special