What If: Downsized Caprice Classic And Bonneville Convertibles – Coulda Been Curbside Classics

1978 Chevrolet Fullsize-02

With the current CC tune up ongoing, I thought some nice B-bodies would make everybody feel better. It is undisputed that the 1977-up B-body GM full-size is a CC favorite, but why no convertible? Looks rather attractive to me…

Of course, the dreaded rollover standards had gotten everyone worried in Detroit, and the fact that convertible sales had been steadily dropping since the mid-’60s probably made the decision easy. But just think: If a convertible had been offered, maybe the B-bodies would be more collectible and valuable today–and less likely to be trashed in demolition derbies, sullied by bright pink paint and chrome wagon wheels with rubber-band tires, and otherwise mistreated.

79 Bonneville convertible

And if the Caprice isn’t enough for you, how about a Bonneville convertible? With snowflake alloys, no less. It could have saved Pontiac!

It could have been done. GM still had plenty of money back then. But the plain truth is they probably wouldn’t have been big sellers. Oh well, we can dream.

And for those of you new to CC, Bonneville and Caprice CCs can be found here and here, respectively.