Cohort Outtake: Lancia Gamma Series 1 Coupe

(first posted 3/31/2012)    Here’s an interesting specimen shot by Cohort user Kurtzos.

The very brief rundown on this rare-ish car is that it was built  from 1976-1984 in two series, with the second beginning in 1980.  The coupe model was built from 1977 on, and the wheel design makes this a 1977-1979 Gamma Series 1 coupe.

I like the most lines on this car except for the rear wheel cutout shape, and it seems to have a vaguely Subaru XT feel back that way.  Interestingly, both the XT and Gamma feature longitudinally-mounted boxer 4-cylinder engines, though only by coincidence.  Fueling was by carburetor only until the Series 2 was introduced in 1980, and transmissions were manual-only until 1983.

One other interesting tidbit unique to the coupe versions is that they were built by Pininfarina (not by Lancia itself) alongside contemporary Ferraris.

Thanks again to Kurtzos for the stream of interesting cars that we don’t see much here in the states; I find this Gamma quite intriguing!