QOTD: What Is The Strangest Issue You Have Had With A Car?

holden calais bug

You may be wondering just what is going on in this photo. Well, I was perplexed as you are.

The photo is of the right taillight lens of the Holden VE Calais I used to own. I always loved the clear taillight lenses of these VE Calais, which managed to avoid looking like gauche Altezza lights; interestingly, Holden offered four different taillight designs for the VE Commodore sedan range alone. Now, somehow, a fully-grown bug – bigger than your average housefly or mosquito – found its way into the lens sometime around December 2015, possibly earlier, where it went unnoticed before presumably dying of asphyxiation. It may have produced offspring – those little remains to the left of it – but I’m not sure.

holden ve calais taillight

January 2015: no bug present

Sounds like it would be a problem, right? I mean, if a fairly large bug could get into the lens, surely there would be a problem with rainwater seeping in there, too? Nope! I never saw so much as a drop of moisture in there. Now, I don’t know much about bug biology, but even operating under the assumption that an insect egg somehow rolled its way into the lens, how could the bug grow to such a size without being able to cater to its basic physiological needs? The lack of exposure to the elements actually allowed for the insect to fossilize: no decomposition was present during the 6+ month period the bug body lied in repose. Indeed, when I sold the car, the bug was still there. I think I even pointed it out to the new owner. Unsurprisingly, it wasn’t a deal-breaker.

So, what’s the weirdest issue you’ve ever had with one of your cars?