Cohort Capsule: 1973 Toyota Corona – Rare Survivor

And here’s another car making its debut at CC, thanks to Cohort poster Owen Smith. This is the third generation of Corona to arrive on our shores, but since the first was called Tiara, and not many were sold here, it’s fair game to call this the second Corona. We have covered its predecessor in considerable detail here.

This new Corona arrived in Japan in the spring of 1970, but I’m not sure whether it was sold here that soon or a bit later as a 1971 model, and ran here through 1973. That was a short run, and may explain why they are pretty rare. As far as I know, this was essentially a new platform, but it largely followed the previous model in concept and configuration. What was new was the engine, as the venerable pushrod four gave way to the SOHC 1.9L 8R 14, soon upgraded to the 2.0L 18R-14.

Styling had clearly moved out of the early 60s and into a new decade, although the Corona was still pretty conservative. And it stayed that way, all through its subsequent iterations. No Nissan-style wild and crazy experiments for Toyota.

From the rear, this Corona look just like what it was: a bigger brother to the Corolla, which had became Toyota’s top seller. But the Corona continued to be a solid seller for some years yet, before it went into a gradual decline. It took a new FWD Camry to reignite Toyota’s family sedan.

I did shoot this coupe version here a few years back, and wrote it up, but as an Auto-Biography that touched on my high school years. It was one of my more prized finds up to that point. So why did I waste it on that drivel?