Cohort Capsule: ZIL-117 Convertible – Russia’s Big-Wig Ragtop

Stanislav Alexeyev posted this shot of a ZIL-117 convertible in the comments the other day. Since he also posted it in the Cohort, I thought I’d share it here in case you missed it. It’s an impressive car, and looks just like another couple the same color that have been used over the years as parade cars.

There’s several shots of these two that Google has found, in various settings. From a distance, they have something of  a ’65-’66 Chrysler/Imperial vibe, but there’s plenty of details that are quite different too.

The ZIL-117 is the short wheelbase version of the 114 limousine, which is something of an icon by now. The 117 is typically a sedan (above), but obviously a few convertibles were made too.

Here’s another convertible in side view, which makes its top look a bit heavy at the rear.

Google even found me a picture of the interior of one of these parade convertibles shown above.

I’ll leave you with one more. The ZIL-117 was made between 1971 and 1978, and has a 7 liter V8 with some 300 gross hp, and it was backed by a two-speed automatic until 1975, when a three-speed automatic supplanted it. The ZIL-4101 replaced the 114/117 in 1978.