Cohort Classic: 1967 Vauxhall Victor “101” Super Estate – the Successor to Success

CC has looked at the Vauxhall Victor before, more than once as befits such a storied name and one with a key cameo role in the British motor industry’s history. CC follower L Seddon found this example, a 1967 FC series Super Estate, in on street in Scarborough, in Yorkshire, on the North Sea coast, and is apparently a daily driver. Who says Vauxhalls of that period rust away?

The FC was the third series of the Victor, and was marketed as the Victor 101 as it allegedly had 101 improvements over the  preceding FB series. My Uncle, a Vauxhall-Bedford draughtsman/design engineer had a white one with red interior and a column shift. Not sure how easy it will be to get a new tailgate glass though.

Not so clear on the estate is the link of the styling to the GM Solaris concepts, but it most definitely was there.

But you don’t need me to brief you, when Vauxhall will do it for us.

Unqualified success did not follow – FC sales totalled 230,000 against 328,000 for the FC. But the FC was up against a wider and more capable range of Ford Cortinas and Corsairs,  which carried a much wider range of options and engine choices, against the single engine option on the Victor, and the new Rootes Arrow range.