Cohort Pic(k) of the Day: Mustang II Found In Budapest – Why?

Our intrepid CC sleuth in Hungary, Roshake 77, continues to find and post American cars (among others) that are somewhat surprising to see there. But this Mustang II is the most surprising one to date, at least for me. The European Ford Capri was such a better sporty coupe in every way. But then I should know by now that objective parameters have little to do with why a Mustang II ends up in Budapest.

I have no idea if this was an original import or left behind by an American. The MII had amber rear turn lights in the US too, so that’s not going to help. It’s a bit hard to imagine that Ford would have been able to sell these in Europe at the time, as Europeans typically wanted American cars back then for their distinctive American qualities, which at the time was either bigness or uniqueness, like the original Mustang, which had a strong following.

But the Mustang II? But anything’s possible.


There is one clue that might be relevant: I see a stick shift for a manual transmission in there. In the US, the odds of a top end Ghia coupe being bought without the automatic were not good, whereas in Europe, sticks were still the rule, except for the big American strassenkreuzer. That’s hardly proof, but maybe someone in Europe really wanted a baby Mustang brougham back in 1975 or so. Stranger things have happened.