Cohort Classic: 1968-1971 Opel Kadett – “Not Abandoned and Not For Sale” – And Still Waiting on Erik

John Lloyd spotted this Opel Kadett B sedan and posted it at the Cohort with this comment:

This Opel was a surprise! Parked at an electric substation behind the Ford used car lot. Has a sign on it that says it is not abandoned and is not for sale. If it sits here too long, bound to have some broken windows.

This Kadett reminds me that one of our readers, Erik, has a daily driver Kadett 1100 sedan like this one. And he owes us a write-up. I hate to put him on the spot, but how many people in the world, never mind in the US, are driving a Kadett B as their daily transportation?

Here’s one of the numerous comments left by him at previous Kadett posts:

The plucky Kadett B. I am still daily driving a 1100 sedan here in southern CA. Simple basic trouble free comfortable transportation. It does its job without fuss or pretentiousness. I am amazed at how well the engineers made a cheap car so usable without feeling as if you were in a penalty box. They just have a certain feel that I find appealing. *

* I know Paul, I still owe you a writeup on this.


No pressure, of course.