Cohort Classic: Pinto Cruising Wagon (1977-1978)- A Legend from the ’70s Makes Its First Curbside Appearance

William Oliver wins the internet today, having found a genuine curbside Pinto Cruising Wagon. Do you all realize just how rare this is? This is a ’70s icon, a living reminder of just how strange that decade could be. What was this supposed to be? It’s not like it was suitable for anything useful, never mind sex, except under the most desperate of circumstances.

But then that applies to a fair number of things that were hot in the ’70s, like the Pet Rock. Come to think of it, the Pinto Cruising Wagon is the automotive Pet Rock: it seemed so cool at the time, despite its obvious shortcomings. And now of course, it’s way beyond cool.

The Pinto Cruising Wagon was the little kid brother to the Ford Cruising Van. Which maybe explains a few things, like it’s unsuitability for making whoopie in the back. Maybe I’m a bit too focused on that element, but having owned a van in ’70s with a big bed in the back, I can assure you that was a significant factor in their popularity.

According to this brochure shot, our featured PCW has the “special graphics”. I remember seeing a few of these in California, but only the “special graphics” version. The other one looks too tame. And how about the plexiglass porthole? Isn’t that just the shits?

This example looks a bit worse for wear. And it appears the driver’s fender was replaced at some point, as there’s a delightfully primitive attempt at replicating the “special graphics” on it. Yowza!

I’m practically speechless. If you didn’t experience the ’70s, it’s going to be a bit hard to explain certain artifacts of that decade. And this is definitely one of them.