Cohort Find of the Day: Gen2 Toyota RAV4s? – Looks Can Be Deceiving

At first glance I wondered why RiveraNotario had posted these two versions of the gen2 RAV4s. Because we never got the swb version? No. Because these aren’t actually RAV4s. They just look identical to them.

These are Jonway A380s, a Chinese clone of the RAV4 if there ever was one. It created quite a stir back in 2005 when it was released. Since that was right about the time that Toyota ended production of the gen2 RAV4, it might have been assumed that Toyota sold Jonway the tooling and a license to go with it. Not so.

This swb version is a pre-facelift version, with the smaller grille. That looks even more like the RAV4.

Here’s the original. Jonway was quite faithful in its cribbing.

The two door has a badge on its rear door that I assume is meant to identify it. F06390B4 (or 84). That’s certainly not a copy of any other car name.

Before you pile in with fingers wagging about cheap Chinese copies of everything, let’s keep in mind that this was almost twenty years ago, and that Chinese EVs are considered to be world class. Elon Musk himself is impressed, and perhaps a bit concerned.