Cohort Pic(k) of the Day: 1970 Dodge Challenger Coupe – 198 Slant Six Under The Hood?

What a great find, by Bruce Hiebert: An original and slightly dinged Challenger. How many of these are left in the world in this kind of shape? Bruce identified it as a ’70 or ’71; somewhat sadly, it appears to be a ’70, as the “Challenger” script is above the character line on the front fender. If it had been a ’71, I’d be asking if it might be one of those rare one-year only Challengers Coupes that came standard with the 198 cubic inch slant six. No such luck, but this is still a fab find, and it may very well have the 225 inch slant six, given its stripper status.

Update: I was mistaken; the 198 six became the standard base engine in the coupe in May 1970, so this could be one of those.

Update#2: a commenter has run the VIN on this car; it is powered by the 225 slant six.

Here’s the post about that:

Automotive History Oddity: 1971 Dodge Challenger “Coupe” With 198 Cubic Inch Slant Six