Cohort Outtake: 1947 Studebaker M5 Pickup – What A Face. What A Truck

(first posted 4/13/2017)    Now that’s a face I could stare at for a while. I just love these Studebaker M-Series trucks, built from 1941 – 1948. And not just because of its face either. These were a bit smaller and lighter than the competition, and were analogue to the Studebaker Champion, which arrived an 1939 and was the first popular down-sized car of the era. These trucks used some of the Champion’s body panels and dashboard, although the front was unique to it.

And if you’re wondering how it got to be so handsome, no, less than Raymond Loewy’s designed it.



G.Poon shot and posted these at the Cohort, and labeled it a 1947. I wondered how he knew that, until I took a closer look at the license plate protector. Fun fact: the front and rear fenders on these were interchangeable; a typical Studebaker move to reduce costs.

There were three versions; the 1/2 ton M5, the one ton M15, and the 1.5 ton M16. Oddly, there was no 3/4 tonner. And the M5 and M15 used the same little 80 hp 169.6 flathead six as did the Champion, and the M16 used the bigger 226 inch Commander six engine.

There used to be one that lived very nearby our apartment in Santa Monica, and I loved the sound of its sweet little six being exercised. These sixes revved happily up to 4000rpm, which was unusual for the times and for flathead sixes.

We’ve now covered the whole M-Series line. The M15 post is here, and the M16 is here.