Cohort Outtake; 1953 Canadian Nash Rambler – Or Is It Nash Rambler Canadian Update: It’s Nash Canadian Rambler

canadiancatgreen posted shots of this pea-green bathtub Rambler at the Cohort, which he called “Canadian Rambler Custom”.  I assumed he was just referring to the fact that it was sold in Canada. But no, it’s actually called that. Update: It’s actually Nash Canadian Rambler.

Oddly, the full name including “Canadian” is only on one side of the car. Maybe the other side’s emblem fell off. Or it’s just 50% Canadian?

This car was sold a while ago, and I also happened to find the ad for it, where it’s listed as Nash Rambler Canadian. Anyone know which it really is?

Either way, it’s a Rambler, as in the original compact from American Motors, which first arrived in 1951, and was made through 1955. Then it took a sabbatical and reappeared in 1958. I happen to like these pudgy early ones with their mostly hidden wheels; makes a nice change from today’s cars.