Cohort Outtake: 1953 Chevrolet Suburban With Vintage Trailer Spotted on the Blue Ridge Parkway

On the heels of the 1953 International Travelall, how about we admire a same-aged Chevy Suburban, spotted at a rest area of the Blue Ridge Parkway, pulling a vintage trailer, no less. What a great catch.

Vic Montgomery shot and posted it, and I’m loving it. other than the mildly-widened wheels, it looks stock. Of course, it’s impossible to say what’s under the hood, but I’d like to think there’s a 261 Stove Bolt six under there, maybe warmed over just ever so mildly for hauling duty. Check out the license plate.

It reminds me of my camping trip drive down Skyline Drive and the Blue Ridge Parkway in my ’63 Monza four speed, in October of 1973. Despite it being the height of the fall colors, the place was essentially deserted, except for a few tourists on the Skyline Drive. 570 miles of continuous mountain parkway, following the crest of the Blue Ridge Mountains. What a driving paradise, and if one pulled off, it was like stepping back in time, as it was still very old-time Appalachia in the hollers there back then.

I had the road mostly to myself, and I could drive as fast as I wanted to in the Corvair. I had only just gotten it a few weeks earlier, and this was the perfect way to get acquainted with it and its handling strengths and vices. Actually, I never experienced any vices, as it sat pretty low (I assume it had the optional sport suspension, although I’m not sure), and I knew never to hit the brakes in a curve, no matter how fast I was going, but just let it scrub off the speed as necessary, keeping all the tires working hard rather than let the rears get light from braking and lose traction. By the time I was halfway into the trip, I was utterly in tune with the car, and I never had a scary moment as long as I owned it. Every new Corvair owner should have been required to make the same trip.