Cohort Outtake: 1956 Pontiac Pathfinder Sedan Delivery – Another Cheviac, But Even More Unusual Than Average

Pontiac 1956 sedan delivery side

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Unless you just joined the CC party, by now you should be well versed in the “Cheviac” story line; Pontiacs built in Canada that were actually Chevys under the skin. Generally, the basic body styles matched with the US versions, but even then there were differences. Pontiac stopped selling a sedan delivery in the US in 1953, but up north, Pontiac continued to offer that body style through 1958. But then except for the front clip, this is a 1956 Chevy sedan delivery.

Pontiac 1956 sedan delivery rear

The only difference are the different tail lights set into the Chevy rear fenders, and the logo on back. But then thta was the the case with US Pontiac wagons too; they lacked the distinctive little fins and other details that tried hard to make their rear ends look different than a Chevy. But obviously, Pontiac didn’t bother to tool up for new rear ends on the wagons.

Pontiac 1956 Safari_02_700

The exception was the Safari, Pontiac’s version of the Nomad, which did get car-like rear fenders. That propbably explains the big jump in price for the Safari (and Nomad).

Pontiac 1956 wagon side-vert

But there was a difference: US Pontiac wagons gad a 122″ wheelbase, compared to a 115″ wheelbase on the Chevrolet. Those extra inches were added to both the front and rear ends, even though the middle and rear part of the bodies were the same as the Chevy. The rear wheels were just set further back in the body, without and real benefit except for bragging rights, and probably a slightly better ride. Bit it hardly makes the Pontiac better looking, in terms of its basic proportions, unless you’re into the long hood look. Plenty of room for a straight eight up there; Pontiac should have kept theirs around a couple of more years for lovers of inline eights. Pontiac was the last popular car to have one, through 1954.

Pontiac 1956 sedan delivery front

Here’s that flashy Pontiac front end. It looks like the US version, but of course it’s shortened to fit on the Chevy’s shorter wheelbase.