Cohort Outtake: 1959-1961 IH B100 Pickup

nifticus caught a rare traveler on our streets these days, an International B-Series pickup (1959-1961). The B-series was a direct evolution of the the all-new A Series, which came out in 1957. The biggest change s were a new grille and stacked quad headlights, and V8 power was now optional.

The only ad I could find was this one featuring a 4×4 pickup. Unlike nowadays, 4x4s were quite uncommon, and generally bought only by those who really needed four wheel drive, not city folks in Texas.

The standard engine was the venerable inline six, and optional were the 266, 304 and 345 V8s, rated at 115.4, 193.1, and 197.6 hp, respectively. Only IH gave such precise hp ratings, and you know they weren’t inflated, or reduced, for insurance reasons.