Cohort Outtake: 1959 Ford Galaxie Skyliner – Would Have Made a Great Extended-Cab Ranchero

Mike Hayes found a ’59 Ford Skyliner lurking in a parking lot. I thought it might make a nice bit of contrast to the Face-Vega posted yesterday. Talk about different approaches to end up with a coupe. Well, a coupe-cabriolet, in this case, as the Skyliner was the US pioneer in retractable hardtops.

But I always thought Ford missed a niche opportunity: turn the slow-selling Skyliner into an extended-cab Ranchero.

Who needs a 7′ bed on a passenger car utility? Imagine an almost 5′ bed behind the cozy cabin of the Skyliner instead. Still plenty of room to haul a few bales of hay or those big milk cans used back then. Or whatever Rancheros did (or didn’t) haul back then.

More like firewood and coolers. This is the first time I’ve stumbled into this ad, and it says a lot. Beautiful young adults having fun on the beach, thanks to the Rancheros, “America’s first work or play truck”. All the more reason to have a 5-6 seater version.

My CC on the original ’57 Ranchero is here