Cohort Outtake: 1962 Cadillac Series Sixty-Two Six-Window Sedan – Plug-In Version

It is Sunday, and it’s been a while since we’ve had a proper religious experience, so a bit of devotion at the Church of St. Mark of Excellence is called for. And thanks to these shots of this venerable old Cadillac posted at the Cohort by William Rubano, we shall do so. The ’62 ranks quite high in the celestial GM hierarchy, although this example seems to have been subjected to some venial sins. I’d like to think they’re not mortal, anyway; it seems to me that its soul is still shining despite the mortification of its flesh. Or because of it.

Yes, this Sixty-Two (model, not year) Six-Window sedan has been exposed the elements a bit longer than ideal.

And it’s not just patina.

There’s some minor perforation. But the chrome is good, and the gold Cadillac vee just needs a Brillo pad, or something like that.

Odds are that the 390 V8 and Hydramatic are still functioning.

I will admit that the ’62’s front end is probably the weakest of this era. It’s looking a bit too much like a ’59 Olds with the headlights moved together some.

It’s interesting that the ’63 went back to front end that resembles the ’59 quite significantly. It’s a very detailed recapitulation, and not the kind of thing typically done in Detroit back then. Maybe Bill Mitchell realized that Harley Earl’s greater flamboyance suited Cadillac better than his restraint.

No lack of flamboyance at the rear. No, this is not a short deck version, which for ’62 was only available with the four-window sedan body.

How’s that for…visibility? In, as well as out.

So about that cord…

it should not as a great surprise to find that the end of it plugs into space heater and not a lithium ion battery. Yes, this Cad is drying out.

The driver’s door seems to have been hit hard, but the dash looks to have been mostly spared, although the pad is cracked. A combination of rain and sun damage.

The rear seat is still there, although I rather think those are seat cover, not the original fabric. At least the original buyer ponied up for the optional power windows.

So what’s the final judgement? Is it redeemable or damned for all creation?