Cohort Outtake: 1962 Cadillac Still Hauling Loads On Its Roof Rack

Cadillac 1962 roof rack f

So which vehicle will we send out on that next service call? You’re in the mood for some comfort? Then load the ladders and conduit on the Caddy; the Econoline is such a rough-riding beast.

Mike Hayes has posted a scene that is not likely to be found outside of the Pacific North West: A 1962 Cadillac Sedan deVille (based on the interior trim) with a roof rack, and obviously still being used as a regular driver as well as hauler. Too bad he didn’t catch it with a load on its roof.

cadillac 1962 roof rack int

The interior makes it pretty obvious that this is no garage queen. From the looks of that seat bolster, the driver is short. Or just likes to see over the steering wheel, which was a problem with all of GM’s 1959-1964 B and C Bodies. It was a perpetual complaint, but never got fixed until the all new 1965s. A tilt wheel helped, but the basic seating configurations on these cars was never ideal. Blame it on the quest for making the ’59s lower.

Cadillac 1962 roof rack r

Here’s a look at the tail end. What; no trailer hitch? That’s disappointing. What will they use when they need to haul a big rental trailer for the big jobs? But plenty of room in the trunk for the tools and such.

Cadillac 1962 roof rack s

Just needs a sign on the side: Jim’s Electrical Service – We Arrive In Style