Cohort Outtake: 1963 Ford Falcon Squire Wagon On A Trip To Ellat, Israel

Falcon 1962 wagon Israle r

It’s always a treat to see old cars making excursions, especially in far-away lands. T.Minor posted some shots of this ’63 Falcon Squire wagon that was on a trip to Ellat, Israel, and shot by Benni Haspel. Looks like a shot of an American family on vacation somewhere in Utah or Arizona in 1963; the only thing missing is the suitcases strapped to the roof rack, so that the kids had plenty of space to play in the back romper room.

Falcon 1962 wagon Israle side

The Falcon seems to be in very nice condition, and rust certainly isn’t an issue in that part of the world. Given that it’s a Squire, we can hope that it came with the optional 170 inch six instead of the standard 144, especially if it has the two-speed Fordomatic. Either way, it’s still getting the job done, slowly or a bit less slowly. In 1963, a UK-sourced four-speed manual was a rather unusual option for the six, but quite rarely seen. It would have been ideal for a car exported to Europe. And then later in the year the 260 V8 became available too, but there’s no tell-tale V8 badge on the front fender.

Falcon 1962 Brochure-15

The Falcon wagon was eminently popular with young families at the time; sort of the Volvo wagon of the 80s-90s, and the Subaru wagons of more recent times. Adding a Squire version in 1962 (shown) was a smart move. As was using Charlie Brown and company to promote them. Although calling it the “Thunderbird of wagons” was a stretch. More like the Rhode Island Red of wagons.

Falcon 1962 wagon Israle f

Happy trails; or whatever one says to wish a traveler a happy voyage in Hebrew.