Cohort Outtake: 1963 Studebaker Champ – The Most Ill-Fitting Bed Ever

Does the bed on this Studebaker Champ pickup look like it not exactly lining up with the cab? Well, that’s because it was designed for a Dodge cab.

Given Studebaker’s desperation in its last days, I’m at least glad they took off the Dodge script from the tailgate.

Here’s that bed in its original intended location. Looks like they had to actually stamp a new flat panel on that tailgate, as the DODGE appears to be raised lettering.

Here’s how the Champ originally looked in 1960, with its bed borrowed from the previous generation Studebaker pickup. But it was the 60s, and flat-side pickup beds were in vogue. What to do, when you can’t afford to tool up a bed? Call someone else; in this case Dodge, whose new pickup was out in 1961.

Desperation is the mother of improvisation.


This Champ, shot and posted by cjcz92, is in very fine shape, including its interior. Love that padded dash.


From the plates, we know this is a 1963. There were apparently some still built for the ’64 model year, but I suspect the number is quite low. The end of the road for Studebaker trucks.

More details:  CC 1960 Studebaker Champ