Cohort Outtake: 1964 Ford Custom 500 Two Door Sedan – Change Is Not Always An Improvement

(first posted 9/6/2017)     Two door sedans are always popular fare here, so this ’64 Custom 500 sedan posted at the Cohort by chrisjcieslak gets its 15 minutes of fame today. And I don’t think we’ve ever had one here before. Well, what’s there to say about this? How about the fact that Ford spent the money to give this (and the Galaxie sedans) a totally new roof design. That’s certainly more than Chevy did for its cars in ’64, which were strictly carry-overs except for some new skin on its lower half. Maybe that’s why they even came up with the new name too, Custom, and Custom 500.

Here’s a ’63 base Galaxie 2 door, roughly comparable to the ’64 Custom 500. In 1963, all the sedans and hardtops shared the same T-Bird style roof, and it was a carryover from ’62. Of course, in the spring of ’63, the new semi-fastback hardtop roof appeared, which was a welcome break from what was getting a wee bit predictable.

Here’s a better look at the ’64 roof. The four door sedans were the same, except for number of doors, obviously.

Obviously, the sedan roof emulates the new four door hardtop roof. That was unique to the four doors, as the 2 door hardtop carried over the 1963.5’s roof.

So was all that new roof tooling worth the money? Well, it wasn’t just the roof alone, but these ’64 sedans did not work for me. I thought they were heavy and clumsy looking, unlike the much tauter, clean ’63  sedan. The ’64 can look pretty nice as a 2 door hardtop or convertible, but the sedans just leave me cold. The bulge on the front fender makes the front wheel look small and with too narrow a track. The droopy rear fender/wheel opening also contributes to making them look like they have chronically undersized wheels and tires, which makes them look undynamic. Compare them to the fine wheel openings in the ’63.

So maybe this is why we haven’t done the ’64 Ford sedans: Not much good to say about them, stylistically.