Cohort Outtake: 1964 Mercury Park Lane Marauder Four Door Hardtop Makes Its First Appearance At CC

Not only is this Park Lane Marauder the first of its kind here at CC (shot and posted at the Cohort by John Lloyd), but it gives us a chance to take in just how quickly the Marauder morphed from a single body-style (hardtop coupe) with very clear performance aspirations in 1963 to just a body style (swept rear roof) available in two and four door version on all of the big Mercury lines in 1964.

The Marauder appeared in the spring of 1963 as a “1963½” model, along with the similar “semi-fastback” big Ford XL. It was only available as the S-55 model, which had already been extant in the Mercury lineup as their big sporty model. The new roof line reinforced that a lot better than the reverse-cant Breezeway roof it started the year with.

Here’s the full range of ’64 big Mercury models, which brings the point home: no more “special” Marauder model; just a body style. But one could still equip a Marauder (or any big Merc) with the optional 427 engines, in both 410 hp (single carb) and 425 hp (dual carb) versions, along with the other performance options. But the Great Brougham Epoch was getting underway, and genuine performance did not really belong in a big Mercury anymore.